Since the inception of Prototier-1 Inc., the automotive industry has been the core of our business model. Our history includes working with original equipment manufacturers (OEM), Tier-1, Tier-2 and other Tier automotive suppliers.

Prototypes in the automotive industry must perform to the highest standards, ensuring each component is manufactured exactly to the customer’s specifications.  To remain as a competitive business in this industry, our work is always precise, repeatable, and maintains the required tolerances. At Prototier-1 Inc., we always strive to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.

The professionals at Prototier-1 Inc. also provide customer feedback and updates to ensure issues are vetted prior to production or assembly of prototypes. This communication ensures a smoother manufacturing experience and creates opportunities for cost and time savings.

Prototier-1 Inc. is fully qualified to provide the following services:

  • Production Intent Prototype Batches of Parts
  • Single Cut and Weld or Machined Parts for Fit and Function
  • Short Run Production
  • Building Blanking Dies
  • Precision Machined Forming Stations for Production Dies
  • Production Support