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Laser Cutting

Since 1996 Prototier has provided rapid precision laser cutting

Laser cutting is the process of using a CNC controlled laser beam to cut solid materials. Laser cutters have very good accuracy and repeatability. They are also able to operate at much faster speeds than other processes like water jet, wire cutting or machining. The laser cutting process excels when lower volumes are needed because little to no fixture/tooling costs are required for most parts. Laser cutting also gives customers the flexibility to easily make changes to part geometry without having to perform expensive modifications to tooling. We have a fully equipped and certified quality assurance department that strictly adheres to ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure every laser cut component is within specifications.

Additionally, Prototier laser cuts all designs for the line of products. These original works of art are perfect for decorating your business, home, or cottage.

Laser cutting equipment:

3-Axis Laser Cutting

3-Axis laser cutting is a great way to cut complex flat parts quickly. The major benefit to 3-Axis laser cutting is that no tooling or fixture costs are required to produce parts. We can easily create tool paths from customer supplied CAD or drawings. Our 3-Axis laser cutters can cut thicknesses up to 15mm in steel and 6mm in aluminum. We can laser cut part or sheet sizes up to 5ft X 10ft. 

Prototier’s Ermaksan fiber laser cutter can cut at speeds significantly faster than our previous laser cutting equipment. This speed increase allows us to rival the costs of using tooling to blank parts. This has given customers the option to use laser cutting to run low volume production for flat parts. Another benefit of this laser is that we can use high pressure nitrogen as the cutting gas. This results in cutting aluminum and stainless steel with much higher quality and speed.

5-Axis Laser Cutting

5-axis laser cutting is a great manufacturing option when complex sheet metal cutting is needed in more than 3 axis. Our 5-axis laser cutting machine gives us the ability to precisely cut edges and holes regardless of shape. We can cut various materials with thicknesses up to 6mm for steel and 3mm for aluminum. We use CNC cut holding fixtures to locate the part and ensure precise repeatability. These fixtures are a fraction of the cost of traditional trim tooling which makes 5-axis laser cutting economical for prototypes and low production quantities.