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Testimonials from our valued customers:

“Excellent Works, Excellent Quality, Excellent Services!”

-Eurospec Manufacturing Inc.


“ProtoTier is a vendor we enjoy dealing with on a constant basis.”

-Cooper Standard


“ProtoTier is our #1 choice for prototype stampings. Tina and the team are excellent with their service, that’s why all scores are outstanding”



“Grateful to have a supplier like PT1. Looking forward to working with PT1 on future projects.”

-Warren Industries


“ProtoTier is one of few companies that can consistently be relied on!”

-Multimatic Technical Centre


“ProtoTier overall performance is excellent, and is our go-to supplier for any prototype requirement.”



“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with ProtoTier-1. Your inspire confidence and the prices are inline with U.S. prototype shops. We look forward to working with you in the future”

-PWO Canada


“Great support and product.”



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