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Machined Components

Machined metal and plastic parts are a great way to fabricate accurate and complex prototypes. These components are perfect for “fit and function” situations where required quantities are relatively low, and design changes to the components are expected.

Machined prototypes can be economically viable by eliminating the need to build expensive tools and can be a better representation of production parts than other rapid prototyping techniques. Additionally, we have the welding and assembly capabilities to provide customers with a one-stop location to complete their machined prototyping projects.

Manual Machining Equipment List:

CNC machining

Prototier offers CNC machining for complex geometry and surface machining. Throughout our 25-year history, Prototier has CNC cut thousands of dies for stamping sheet metal prototypes and numerous inserts for customer production tooling. We also specialize in the CNC machining of complex plastic components. We use the latest equipment and software to provide our customers with the highest precision available. Our CNC Machining Centers are capable of producing part sizes up to 1400mm x 660mm x 635mm (55” x 26”x 25”).

CNC Equipment list: